Sangeetha Ravindranath is a popular playback singer in the Kannada film industry based in Bangalore, Karnataka (India). Since 2010, she has recorded songs for nearly 100 Kannada movies, collaborating with prominent actors, music directors and marquee events.

She has won awards like Zee Music Awards, Santhosham South Indian film awards as best upcoming female singer. In 2016 Sangeetha won the prestigious Karnataka state award as best playback singer female, the highest reward by the Karnataka government in the field of films.

In 2016 Sangeetha won the prestigious Karnataka state award for best playback singer,
considered the tallest state sponsored award to film and entertainment professionals.
She has also received awards from Zee Music and Santhosham South Indian film awards.

Arun Sivag

Arun Sivag is a Bangalore-based percussion musician, cultural ambassador and social entrepreneur. He studied music at the University of Gothenburg, specializing in world percussion while deepening his knowledge of South Indian folk instruments. He holds a Bachelor’s degree of Arts from St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

Mobilising his international networks, Arun curates and participates in multiple Art exchange programs between Europe and Southeast Asia. Arun has performed in over 20 countries and shared the stage with various industry artists and collaborated with multiple International Bands.

He is the founder of Globalkulture Organization, a youth organization for artist facilitation run by established musicians, artists and creators. He is also the International Cultural
President of Karnataka Press Club Council.